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This page has been renamed to allow comments to be added and because the current newsletter is uploaded at the Newsletters page.

I must offer an apology for the lack of updating the website over the last year. Things have been pretty hectic around the UP and it was just left on its own. I will make a better effort in the coming year.

46th/307th Air Refueling Squadron Reunion

Don Croston and his workers in the Omaha area have graciously offered to host the next reunion in August in Omaha. A registration form is on the website and also in the last newsletter. If you cannot use the one here or in the newsletter contact me at 906-249-3529 and I will get one to you (leave a message if we don't answer).


Facebook Groups

The following groups are on Facebook: "46th Air Refueling Squadron", "307th Air Refueling Squadron", "KC-135", "Boomers", "K.I. Sawyer" and "I survived K.I. Sawyer"


Association Rosters

We are working on updating the roster information. Unfortunately, someone ran off with the copy that was at the reunion for updates. We will continue to add updated info as we receive it. If your e-mail address or mailing address has changed please send the new information to the Association at our email address. New rosters will be produced and made available at a nominal cost to members in the future.

46th Stories

Continue to send stories from the 46th/307th in and we will add them to the website as we receive them.


Crew Photos and Rosters

Send us copies of crew photos with names for addition to the website. Also any crew recall rosters or other lists of members of either squadron are helpful. We are working on a data base of crew numbers and members through the years. It will be a slow process but send the info anyhow. 


Upcoming Events

If you have dates of other reunions such as ArcLite/YT, Navigator's Association, Aviation Cadet Association please send them to the Association for inclusion in our newsletter and webpage.

46th ARS Association
520 Cherry Creek Road, Marquette, MI 49855