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I must offer an apology for the lack of updating the website over the last year. Things have been pretty hectic around the UP and it was just left on its own. I will make a better effort in the coming year.

Consider becoming an officer in the Association as we need some new blood. Mike Vairo has been the President for the last 4 years, John Stevens has been the Secretary/Treasurer from the start in 1998 and our board members John Dyson and Fred Pumroy have been on there many years. Actually there isn't a lot to the jobs but we need relief.

Facebook Groups

The following groups are on Facebook: "46th Air Refueling Squadron", "307th Air Refueling Squadron", "KC-135", "Boomers", "K.I. Sawyer" and "I survived K.I. Sawyer"

Crew Photos and Rosters

Send us copies of crew photos with names for addition to the website. Also any crew recall rosters or other lists of members of either squadron are helpful. . 


46th ARS Association
520 Cherry Creek Road, Marquette, MI 49855