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Names to follow as soon as I identify everyone.


1999 Reunion Pensacola
Front Row, Left to Right: Jack Purdy, Lee Hommer, Don Croston, Dick Ring, Charlie Armstrong, Connie Guevara, Bill Blazer, Charlie Lingle, Lloyd Ward, John Kuenzel
Secone Row, Left to Right: Erich schuler, Lou Longhenry, Bob Acres, Ben Carde, Cy Boys, Bill Hagopian, Rollie Buhrman, Dick Slowik, John Moore, L.G. Simmons, Ernie Krubsack, Bill Johnson, Keith Schuler
Third Row, Left to Right: Chet Hale, Scott Hinkle, Martin Klena, Dino Perazzola, Bruce Joyner, Jerry Miller, Norm York, Dan Foelker, Bob Nagle, Erwin Schubert, Tom Logan, George Batte, Bill Price
Back Row, Left to Right: Al Westbrook, Bill Beaver, Claude Garver, Lou Huertas, Buck Reeves, Henry Hill, John Dalri, Earl Goldberg, John Stevens, Lynn Guenther, Dale Liesch, John Alexander, Harry Sadler, Ron Covey, Dick Trautman, Palmer Lewis


1999 Reunion Pensacola
Front Row, Left to Right: Betty Miller, Betty Boys, Gladys Schuler, Marion Purdy, Ruth Hale, Pat Klena, Nancy Guerva, Kay Reeves, Mina Ring, Grace Moore, Ruth Ann Joyner
Second Row, Left to Right: Jo Trautmann, Diane Alexander, Janette Hawley, Mimi Kuenzel, Ruth Lewis, Agnes Perazzola, Sue Guenther, Jean Batte, Twila Hommer, Donna Longhenry, Mary Ward, Judy Croston, Pat Foelker, Sandy Price, Sandy Schuler, Nancy Westbrook
Back Row, Left to Right: Georgia Hinkle, Pat Dalri, Bev Hagopian, Shirley Buhrman, Cerona Stevens, Sharon Liesch, Peggy Covey, Evelyn Goldberg, Doris Carde, Tammy Lingle, Barbara Krubsack, Maxine Logan, Jeanne Johnson

2001 Marquette

Back Row, L-R: Claud Garver, Jim Tyburski, Buck Reeves, Don Croston, Unknown, Dick Salsbury, Jack Purdy, Jerry Schmit, Bill Johnson, Unknown
Front Row, L-R: Lou Huertas, Fritz Barratt, Tom Davey, Don Hirschaut, Jim Nouss

2001 Marquette

Back Row, L-R: Jim Green, Jack Bambury, Unknown, Larry Coohorne, Lloyd Ward, Dick Stewart, John Dyson, John Stevens, John Moore, Tom Logan
Front Row, L-R: Erich Schuler, Harlan Pedretti, Chet Hale, Scott Hinkle, Lee Hommer

2001 Marquette

Back Row, L-R: Jerry Weeks, Carmine Vara, Bob Wallinger, Ed Caldwell, Al Moge
Front Row, L-R: Bob Labo, Bob Hemmings, Ken Courtright, Johnny Carter, Dave McNeal

2003 Reunion

2003 Reunion

Reunion 2005

2005 Reunion, San Antonio
Front Row, Left to Right: Jack and Marian Purdy, Jerry and Joan Miller, Jerry and Emmita Schmit, Edee and Norm York, Dick and Mina Ring, Nancy and Conrad Guevara, Cerona and John Stevens
Middle Row, Left to Right: Ben and Dottie Carde, Bill and Marilyn Beaver, Henry Hill and Janette, Jane and John Dyson, Dick and Jo Trautmann, Harry Sadler, John Alexander, George and Jean Batte, Twyla and Lee Hommer
Back Row, Left to Right: Carrie and Mike Williams, Fred Pumroy, Mary and Lloyd Ward, Tom Watkins
Missing: Diane Alexander

Cruise 2007

Cruise 2007
Front Row, Left to Right: Marian Purdy, John Alexander, Diane Alexander, Evelyn Goldberg, Earl Goldberg, Emmita Schmit, Dick Ring, Celia Huertas
Second Row, Left to Right: Jack Purdy, Carol Tyburski, Jane Dyson, Cerona Stevens, Mary Ann Pumroy, Jeanne Johnson, Jerry Schmit, Lou Huertas
Back Row, Left to Right: Jim Tyburski, John Dyson, John Stevens, Fred Pumroy Bill Johnson


Reunion 2008 Dayton, OH
Left to Right: Bob Labo, Bill and Marilyn Beaver, Lee Hommer, Fred and Mary Ann Pumroy, John Mitchell, Twila Hommer, Dick and Mina Ring, Tom Davey, Mike and Pam Vairo, Phil and Joyce Ambs, Tom and Bev Fleckten


Reunion 2008 Dayton, OH
Left to Right: Bill and Bonnie Blazer, Jerry and Emitta Schmit, Don Prouty, Jack and Marion Purdy, George and Jean Batte, John and Cerona Stevens, Lloyd and Mary Ward, John and Jane Dyson, Earl and Evelyn Goldberg

46th ARS Cruise, 2009

Emerald Princess

46th Cruisers, 2009

From the bottom, left to right: Cerona Stevens, Evelyn Goldberg, Pam Vairo; John Stevens, Earl Goldberg, Mike Vairo; Jane Dyson, Mary Pumroy, Fred Pumroy; Mina Ring, John Dyson, Marian Purdy; Emmita Schmit, Dick Ring, Diane Alexander; Jerry Schmit, Joan Miller, Jerry Miller, John Alexander

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